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Waiting Time Waiver: Do I need to pay it?

November 8th, 2017 | Posted by Stephen in Uncategorized

Before we answer this question let’s look at what waiting time is.

Waiting time is the time between your removal crew arriving at your new house and the time they can begin to unload your belongings from the removal lorry. At Todds Removals we charge waiting time from 2.00pm so, for example, if we arrive at your new house at 2.30pm but cannot begin unloading until 3.30pm you will be charged 1 hours waiting time per member of our removal crew.  Waiting time is not charged if your removal crew is delayed by traffic hold ups.

Removal Companies have to make this charge to cover their costs as starting later will mean finishing later and staff will need to be paid extra hours.

So why might there be a delay between arriving at the new house and being able to begin unloading?

There are several reasons why access may not possible to your new property and most of them are outside your and our control examples include:-

  • The previous owners haven’t vacated yet – quite common if they are moving themselves
  • There is a delay with money transfers and your keys have not yet been released. It is important to remember that the money moves up the chain, so if yours is a particularly long chain and you are near the end there is quite a high chance you won’t get keys until early afternoon and don’t forget most solicitors will go to lunch between 1pm and 2pm.
  • There are legal issues with completion somewhere in the chain.

No one wants to talk about things going wrong when you move house so when choosing your removal company always ask about their waiting time charges and if they offer a waiver. Some removal companies may not discuss these with you up front and hide them away in their small print.

So how can you avoid paying waiting time?

As already mentioned many of the reasons there may be a delay are beyond your control. Talk to your sellers ask them if they are using a professional moving company or doing it themselves, if they are doing it themselves use your judgement to assess if you think they will be out on time.

Where you fall in the chain is just a matter of chance your estate agent or legal representation should be able to tell you how long the chain is.

As you near completion you should have got a feeling for how organized your legal representation is and that of others in your chain.

If any of these are of concern to you, you may wish to take out a waiting time waiver. At Todds Removals we will always send you, where appropriate, an option to take our the waiting time waiver prior to your removal. If you take out the waiver there will be no charge for waiting time on your removal day*.

You do not need to pay the waiting time waiver if you already have access to your new property, are coming into store or your unloading (moving in) date is after your completion date.

*terms and conditions apply

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