We offer containerised and self storage at our secure storage facility in Sudbury, SuffolkTodds Removals Sudbury, Suffolk

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Containerised Storage

Through our associated company Todd Storage we provide secure, containerised storage in our warehouses in Sudbury and will store your possessions for one day, a month, or even years. They will be safely stored for as long as you require.

Use our storage facilities in Suffolk:                                                            warehouseContainerImage3

  • To de-clutter for home viewings
  • While decorating or having building work done
  • While waiting for your new home to be ready
  • To store surplus items of furniture
  • While you are living abroad
  • To store office documents or furniture
  • To store archive materials
  • To find out more or to discuss your storage requirements contact us.


Self Storage Wooden Container/Pods

If you are looking for self storage so that you can access your belongings whilst they are in storage we also have 3 sizes of wooden pods/containers available to suit all self storage needs; short or long term, domestic or business. Containers/pods are securely housed inside our warehouse* to keep your possessions safe, clean and dry.

Pod A

H 1.9m x W1.42m x D1.7m (4.6 cubic meters)

Self Storage Pods

Self Storage Pods

H 6’3″ x W4’8″ x D 5’7″ (162.5 Cubic feet)

Price £15.00 per week 

Pod B

H1.9m x W2.26m x D1.78m (7.7 cubic meters)

H6’3″ x W7’5″ x D5’10” (270 Cubic feet)

Price £24.00 per week


Self Store Wooden Containers

Self Store Wooden Containers

Wooden Containers

H 2.31m x W2.13m x D1.52m (7.4 Cubic Meters)

H7’7″ x W7′ x D5′ (250 Cubic feet)

Price £18.00 per week


Padlocks can be purchased for £6 each

Deposit required £50 per container/pod



If you are interested in renting a container/pod give us a call on 01787 377489

*Access to pods/containers Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm (excluding bank holidays) At other times by appointment additional charges may apply.


Self Storage Steel Containers

We now have 3 20ft shipping containers which you can lease for as long as you need* and access at your convenience 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The containers will protect your belongings from the elements and our secure unit will keep them safe. All containers are fitted with ventilation to prevent condensation and the floors are sealed so they are rot and vermin proof. The containers are fitted with lock boxes to cover your padlock and to help prevent forced entry.

Prices start at £32 + VAT per week

self store containers 4A deposit of £50 is required at the beginning of your storage.  Padlocks are available at £5 +VAT

Container dimensions: L 20ft (6.06m), W 8ft (2.44m) H 8.5ft 6 (2.6m)

If you are interested in renting a container give us a call on 01787 377489

*minimum rental period is 2 weeks.