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Moving House at Christmas Time

November 28th, 2017 | Posted by Stephen in Uncategorized

Believe it or not the run up to Christmas is a very popular time for moving house. Whether its being in for the new year, making the most of the time off work or just how things turn out removals companies are as busy as ever in December.

Christmas can be a stressful time without the extra bother of moving house, buying all the presents, getting them wrapped and hidden away, buying the turkey and all the trimmings and sorting the decorations (why are the lights always tied in knots when you put them away so neatly).

Using a reliable and professional removal company such as Todds Removals can help reduce the stress. Moving at this time of the year should be no different to any other time except for a few extra considerations:

  • As with any removal plan ahead, have a list of things that need to be done whether Christmas related or Removal related and stick to it.
  • Get as much Christmas shopping and wrapping done early. Pack them into removal boxes which are clearly labelled that way you will be able to locate them after the move.
  • Avoid moving on the 24th December, solicitors and banks will be closed for 2 days, more if it is also the weekend, so if something does go wrong you will need to wait for it to be sorted. Also if on moving into your new home you discover the heating is not working or there is a plumbing issue you may struggle to get someone out to fix it.
  • Try to avoid putting the decorations up before you move as taking them down is just one more job to do. Instead pack them altogether in removal boxes which are clearly labelled so again you can find them after the move.
  • Ensure everyone knows your new address so those Christmas cards arrive on time. Remember to change your address if you buy presents on line for delivery after you move.
  • Children can become anxious during a house move but with the excitement of Christmas too they may become very unsettled and worried that Santa may not find them. Re-assure them and perhaps send Santa a “we have moved” card too.
  • Be prepared for snow and ice. Keep a bag of rock salt in your essentials box to make sure paths to your new house are not slippery. Remember that as the sun goes down the temperature will drop and paths may refreeze. If the weather is really bad you may also need a shovel for clearing away snow. Don’t forget to make sure all the family have coats and warm clothes on removal day.
  • In winter the sun sets early so try and arrive at you new home before it gets dark, make sure you have a torch in your essentials box.
  • We would normally recommend that food supplies are run down prior to moving house so make sure you plan a date after moving to stock up on all those Christmas treats.
  • Leave the heating on low so the new owners won’t need to worry about their new home being cold. Don’t forget to leave them the instructions for the boiler too.
  • Make sure the kettle is packed last and unloaded first so everyone can warm up with a hot drink.

Seasons Greetings to all those who are moving house in the run up to Christmas may it be a peaceful and joyous occasion.

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