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Packing Your Record Collection

January 24th, 2017 | Posted by Stephen in Uncategorized

Vinyl is making a come back and although records are not as fragile as they used to be they all need to be packed properly to ensure they will still play at your new home.

Each record should be kept in its own acid free protective sleeve and cardboard jacket. They should be packed in boxes vertically as this makes them less vulnerable to damage.

Each box should be full, so use packing paper, cushions or linens to fill any spaces and line the bottom and top of the box with more packing paper. Try not to cram too many records into each box as this can lead to disks warping.

Always use the boxes supplied by your removal company to guarantee they will be strong enough to take the weight of your beloved collection. Seal the box with tape and write on the tape what is in the box e.g. “Records A-C”. Again use the tape supplied by your removal company to guarantee good quality.

If your collection is particularly large, rare or valuable speak to our surveyor about it at your home visit and he will ensure we supply the correct packing materials and an appropriate level of liability.

Give us a call on 01787 377489 to discuss your requirements.

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